Apple rolls out iOS 11.1 developer and public beta, makes subtle changes

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If you’re part of the developer or public beta testing group, you can now download iOS 11.1. While it doesn’t come with any major features, you’ll find updated icons and new animations.

Last week, Apple launched its latest mobile operating system — iOS 11 — complete with a variety of new features. Since then, the company has rolled out its beta of iOS 11.1 to both developers and its public testing group.

While it doesn’t come with any major changes, some discrete adjustments have been added. One of them includes three emoji options under the predictive text options within your built-in keyboard, rather than one. For example, if you type the word “love,” you will have more than one heart emoji to choose from to send in a message.

Under Accessibility, there is also more custom actions to choose from in order to allow you to interact with the AssistiveTouch icon, 9to5Mac notes. Aside from the already existent 3D touch, you now assign different gestures to the Single-Tap, Double-Tap, and Long-Press options. When you tap on one of them, it will bring you to a list of different features to tap over to such as Apple Pay, screenshot, or volume control.

You will notice the AssistiveTouch button received updated icons too, which does not look completely different other than Siri and gestures. When opening the button, it will open wherever you move it to on the screen rather than automatically in the middle. Other changes include a tweaked camera icon — under the Restrictions section through Settings –along with an updated animation when unlocking the phone.

It’s clear the iOS 11.1 beta focuses a lot on animation. After tapping on a notification at the top of your screen, the app window now sinks a little deeper before switching to another app. Content also moves more fluidly when scrolling up to the top of the screen on a web page after tapping the status bar.

Not on the list for the latest public beta is Apple Pay Cash, which is reportedly due to come out by late October. Another feature missing from the list is iCloud support for Messages, which could be available in future betas instead.

Even though iOS 11.1 doesn’t include many changes, there is still tons to learn on iOS 11. From a redesigned control center to an entirely new App Store, the mobile operating system still has plenty of new features.

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