Bitcoin plummets more than 20% after China vows to close cryptocurrency exchanges

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    Barclays CEO under investigation for trying to identify whistleblower – Monday Paril 10

    Authorities have launched an investigation into Barclays chief executive officer Jes Staley for trying to identify a whistleblower, the bank said on Monday.

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) are both investigating Mr Staley after the bank notified them that Mr Staley had tried to identify the author of two anonymous letters, which were sent to the board and a senior executive in June 2016.


  • 2/21

    UK to crack down on bank money laundering after reports of £65bn Russian scam, City minister says – March 2017

    The Economic Secretary to the Treasury has vowed that the Government will crack down on money laundering practices, after several of the UK’s biggest banks were accused of processing money from a Russian scam, believed to involve up to $80bn (£65bn).


  • 3/21

    Former HBOS bankers convicted of bribery and fraud over £245m loan scam – February 2017

    Two former HBOS bankers were among six people found guilty of bribery and fraud that cost customers and shareholders hundreds of millions of pounds, the BBC reports.

    Lynden Scourfield, 54, a manager at HBOS, forced struggling clients to use the services of his friends David Mills, 60, and Michael Bancroft, 73. In return, the two businessmen arranged sex parties, cash and lavish gifts.

    On Monday, the three were convicted at Southwark Crown Court on accounts including bribery, fraud and money laundering. Mark Dobson, another manager at HBOS, Alison Mills, and John Cartwright were also convicted.

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    Former Reckitt Benckiser executive linked to death of 100 people in South Korea jailed for seven years – Friday January 6

    A former South Korean executive of UK-based Reckitt Benckiser has been jailed for seven years over the sale of a humidifier disinfectant that killed about 100 people and left hundreds with permanent lung damage.

    Shin Hyun-woo, head of Reckitt Benkiser’s Oxy subsidiary from 1991 to 2005, was found guilty of accidental homicide and falsely advertising the deadly product as being safe even for children.
    The consumer product disaster affected many families in South Korea, where children and pregnant women often battle dry winter seasons with humidifiers.
    Other retailers such as Lotte Mart and Homeplus were also found guilty of selling the deadly product.

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    Rogue trader

    A French court cut the damages owed by rogue trader Jerome Kerviel from €4.9bn (£4.2bn) to just €1m (£860,000).

    The court ruled on that Kerviel was “partly responsible” for massive losses suffered in 2008 by his former employer Societe Generale through his reckless trades.

    Kerviel has consistently maintained that bosses at the French bank knew what he was doing all along.


  • 6/21

    Lloyds chief apologises for damage caused by affair allegations – August 2016

    Antonio Horta-Osorio, the chief executive of Lloyds Bank, has broken his silence over allegations about his private life admitting he regrets any “damage done to the group’s reputation”.

    In a message sent to the bank’s 75,000 employees, the banker said that anyone can make mistakes while insisting that staff had to maintain the highest professional standards.


  • 7/21

    Christine Lagarde faces court over £340m Bernard Tapie payment – July 2016

    The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, must stand trial in France over a payment of €403 million (now £340m, then £290m) to tycoon Bernard Tapie, a France’s highest appeals court has ruled.

    The court rejected Ms Lagarde’s appeal against a judge’s order in December for her…

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