Boris Johnson hints Tories will CUT soaring university fees | Politics | News

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The Foreign Secretary warned the Conservatives must “address” the issue of student debt, after the party only won 26 per cent of the under 40s vote in the General Election

Mr Johnson, whose brother Jo is the Universities Minister, said: “The question is, how do you help young people to manage their debts? We have to address that, and we will.”

Students in England now graduate with an average debt of more than £50,000 after interest rates on loans went up to 6.1 per cent. 

Mr Johnson’s call for action comes as Theresa May vowed to win back younger voters following the disastrous polling results in June. 

The Prime Minister insisted she was “determined to act” to tackle concerns of people who felt let down by her Government. 

She also vowed to renew the “social contract in our country” that meant “the next generation should always have it better than the last”. 

Students and young people voted overwhelmingly for Labour after Jeremy Corbyn pledged to scrap tuition fees. 

Ever since, the Conservatives have been wrecking their brains to figure out how to appeal to the younger generation. 

Mrs May is expected to announce her plan of action at the party conference next week. 

She added she “understands the concerns raised, particularly by young people” in the June polls. 

The Prime Minister told Tory supporters the conference is a chance to look to the future after a “disappointing” General Election. 

She said the conference would see the party “setting out our road to a better future for you and your family”. 

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson has returned to being the top choice among Tories to be their next leader, according to a new poll. 

The Foreign Secretary won the backing of 23 per cent in the YouGov online survey of nearly 1,000 Conservative Party members. 

Joe Twyman, of YouGov, said: “The question of who will take over from Theresa May and when is likely to dominate the conference.”

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