Brexit voters in Loughborough bellwether seat blast lack of progress on EU withdrawal | Politics | News

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Britons in the market town of Loughborough have criticised the Government’s weak position on Brexit, and urged MPs to stand up for what they voted for.

Loughbourgh has been a political bellwether, since reflecting the political will of the entire country in each election since 1974. 

However, the Brexiteers in the town are fed up with the Government stalling and wasting time over withdrawing from the European bloc. 

Their criticism comes as splits in the cabinet over Brexit have surfaced after Boris Johnson’s dramatic intervention in the debate yesterday.

Speaking to Sky News, Jenny Warren, who works as a market trader, said that she voted for Brexit, but was “very disappointed at how the Government has handled it”.

She explained: “It’s all wishy-washy, shilly-shallying about in my view. Get on with it already.

“If we do succeed to coming out, which I doubt will happen in our life time, I don’t think it will be any different.

“They are talking about staying in the single market, talking about a big divorce bill. It’s all a big waste of time.

“It is not the Brexit we hoped we were going to get.”

Nigel Muton, another Brexit voter in the market town, said: “The actual leaving of Europe is a good idea.

“I wouldn’t run my house like they do. I wouldn’t want someone telling me what to do where I live.

“We should be able to speak for ourselves and rule ourselves. But the Government is acting very weak, it’s a shame.” 

John Bagshaw, a Conservative voter who voted Remainer, agreed that Theresa May was “awful and terrible” as Prime Minister.

He added: “The weakest leader we have had in years. But there is no candidate who is outstanding and would replace her.” 

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