The 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States soon divorced after merry. So by seeing this trend, an American Marriage insurance company has decided to start investing in divorce. The US insurance company will give 10 thousand dollars to marry couples. But If the marriage the couple give diverse each then they have to return the money with interest.

The American insurance company also clear the registration procedure on its official web site and details of the couple’s will be check algorithm and then company will tell either you are eligible for the amount of 10 thousand dollars. Qualified couple will be get 10 thousand dollars, which is non-refundable in case of divorce not made but if divorced then couple will pay total amount including interest.


The condition imposed by the company that all married couples will strengthen relations and will delay the divorce as much interest will increase. The CEO of the company said that it is marry casino and the company wants to succeed all marriages.

But the statistics prove that there are some marriages are able to walk over and the company depends on. But according to the company peoples who believe on relations can take benefit from it.

The US Insurance Company will begin its work next year, but large numbers of people have been registered here.