Camera rumors 2017: the biggest and best camera rumors around

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Camera rumors for 2017 are, inevitably, in the news every day, even with CES 2018 just a few months away and Photokina 2018 a year away. But, with a finger on the pulse of the latest industry rumors and trends, and with a bit of our own tech acumen, we’ll look at what the biggest companies in the camera industry may be cooking up.

We’ve culled through all of the latest camera rumors, from wild speculation to the most convincing leaks, and brought you the biggest and the best. With these rumors, we can start to get a picture of what major camera manufacturers might be aiming to release, and what thirsty photographers will be able to get their hands on in the near future.

Let’s look at all of the rumors circling around for each of the major camera manufacturers, from Canon to Olympus.

: We have already seen the , and , what else are we possibly going to get? Canon’s recently released the , but will we see a full-frame mirrorless device from Canon?

: The Nikon is finally here, but could we also see an update to the underappreciated retro-inspired Df? The Nikon could do with an update, too. 

: We’ve just had the release of the , so we could possibly see a 70MP+ sensor in an Alpha A7R III next. 

: Fuji’s been very busy recently – we’ve had the , and , while last year saw the fantastic and , but we could see the 24MP sensor make its way into updates for the and ?

: There are rumors we could maybe see a replacement to the brand’s fantastic

Panasonic rumors: With a slew of announcements at Photokina including the long awaited , things are a little quiet at the moment. 

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