Downloads advent calendar: get Steganos Online Shield VPN free today

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The holidays are an expensive time, so we’re bringing you a special treat: a full, free Windows program to download every day until Christmas.

Behind the fifth door on our downloads advent calendar you’ll find a special edition of Steganos Online Shield VPN with 2GB data transfer per month. The license is valid for one year, and you can use it on up to three devices.

VPNs (virtual private networks) work by re-routing internet traffic via a remote server, hiding your real IP address and location. The connection is encrypted to prevent your data being intercepted. This has two main benefits: protecting your privacy and helping circumvent censorship.

Steganos Online Shield VPN is incredibly easy to use – just download and install the client software, enter your free serial number and adjust the simple set of sliders to choose your level of protection.

In addition to an excellent VPN, Steganos Online Shield also includes an ad-blocker, protection from tracking by social networks, and automatic cookie detection. It also displays devices on your network that might pose a threat to your security.

This special edition of Steganos Online Shield will protect up to three devices for a whole year, so grab it today and stay protected until next December without paying a penny.

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