Far Cry 5 Release Date, Price, Platforms & Gameplay News

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After the success of Far Cry 4 back in 2014, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the almost inevitable Far Cry 5. It was a pretty big surprise when instead of the fifth game 2016 brought the stone age spin-off Far Cry: Primal, but another modern adventure is on the way.

We’ll be tracking its development, and this page is where you’ll find all the Far Cry 5 news and rumours out there, including its release date, platforms, and setting. We tried the game for ourselves at Gamescom 2017, so find out what we thought in our preview.

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In summary:

  • Far Cry 5 release date: 27 March 2018
  • Formats: PS4 (with Pro support), Xbox One, PC
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Price: £49.99/$59.99
  • Pre-order: Amazon

When is Far Cry 5 coming out?

After Far Cry 3 was released in November 2012 and Far Cry 4 came out in November 2014, fans obviously expected Far Cry 5 to arrive in November 2016. Publisher Ubisoft threw a surprise wrench in the works when they released Far Cry: Primal however, as the prehistoric spin-off game came out in February 2016, killing any hopes for the main series’ fifth game coming out in the same year.

That meant most fans expect Far Cry 5 to arrive some time in 2017. However, our dreams of a 2017 release were crushed by the Far Cry 5 reveal trailer which states that Far Cry 5 is set to be released on 27 February 2018.

Then, just as we were warming to a February release, Ubisoft announced that it’s “investing more time in the development” of Far Cry 5 and thus, the release date had been pushed back by a month to 27 March 2018

You can pre-order the game now for £49.99/$59.99 from Amazon, though if you don’t mind spending a little more there’s the Gold Edition, which includes some exclusive content and the DLC season pass, and the Father Edition, which throws in a collector’s box, steelbook case, printed map, and exclusive figurine.

If you’d rather buy the game from elsewhere, you can also get it from Game or Argos in the UK, or GameStop or Best Buy in the US, along with plenty of other retailers too.

What platforms will it be on?

The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with Sony’s PlayStation having some kind of exclusivity, although details of the partnership are yet to be announced. It’s very likely it will have support for the more advanced features of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X too.

The only other major potential platform is the Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft has already confirmed that it is developing a “wide variety” of games for the Switch, but it seems as if Far Cry 5 won’t be one of them.

What about the setting and gameplay?

The most recent Far Cry games have become best known for leading the way in terms of open-world first-person shooters. Far Cry 3 allowed players to explore a pair of enormous tropical islands, while Far Cry 4 offered the whole of the Himalayas to explore, so it’s likely that Far Cry 5 will offer a similarly expansive environment.

That environment is closer to home for some than previous games, as the game takes place in modern-day Montana in the northwest United States. As a member of law enforcement in the fictional Hope County, you’ll come face-to-face with crazy cultists and dedicated militias in true, chaotic Far Cry fashion.

It’s been confirmed that Far Cry 5 will be around 20-30 hours long to complete. This is because Far Cry 5’s lead writer Drew Holmes told GamingBolt that it will be similar to previous games in the series in terms of length.

Ubisoft and AMD have confirmed Far Cry 5 (and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus) will support Rapid Packed Math, a new feature that is exclusive to AMD’s new RX Vega graphics cards. This should mean improved performance as it can do ‘two math instructions for the price of one’.

Lead writer Drew Holmes told GamingBolt that after deciding to set the game in the US, Montana was the team’s immediate choice.

“I think that there’s a great sense of frontier, great sense of wilderness, of danger, wildlife, there’s mountains, there’s big sky. There’s lots of places that feel unknown even though it is in the backyard.”

“So I think as soon as the team went there,” he continued, “they started to meet the people there, and get a sense of, ‘Montanans are a very self-reliant type of person. They don’t like to be pushed around.’ There’s a history of standoffish-ness and leave-me-alone with the state that I think worked really, really well with Far Cry. The list of places that Far Cry wanted to go after that just fell off the table. We said, ‘this is the spot, this is where we want to go. Now let’s think of an interesting villain that could populate that space’.”

In a change to previous Far Cry games, Far Cry 5 will allow you to customise the look of the main character. Beyond being a junior deputy sheriff, the protagonist is a blank canvas. Some are speculating that the choices you make in terms of race (and possibly gender) could influence the way the story is told, and how others interact with you, although only time will tell.  

Far Cry 5 pits you against Joseph, the bearded figure that posed like Jesus in the teaser image released by Ubisoft prior to the reveal. Joseph is the leader of a doomsday cult called ‘Project at Eden’s Gate’ and has swathes of underlings to help him carry out his work, along with other cult leaders (who all happen to be members of his family).

However, while you’ll go up against cultists…

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