Freeview TV not working? This might explain why and how to fix it

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It appears the Freeview outages in the Brighton area were due to planned engineering work in the Brighton area.we’ve made local residents aware, there’s more information on our website here. These works should finish later this afternoon at which point a normal service will resume.

Freeview states it made local residents aware, and the works in question are due to finish later this afternoon, at which point a normal service is scheduled to resume.

The service appears to be stable across the rest of the UK, too.

If viewers continue to have problems, Freeview urges them to call its Contact Centre, available on 0808 100 0288.


The UK’s digital terrestrial TV platform – Freeview – appears to be down across the UK. 

According to independent outage report site, the service is struggling to broadcast to various areas around the UK, including Brighton, Hove, London, Worthing, Bristol, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester, and Leeds.

The site has logged over 500 reports from various areas of the country over the last three hours, indicating that there’s a widespread issue affecting the service.

Most reports coming in report an issue with TV signal – 86% of complaints on the site report very weak or no signal. 

The remaining 13% of issues relate to website issues for the Freeview service.

Comments from various users report channels are missing or a lack of signal in the vast majority of areas. 

There has been no official comment from Freeview about the issues.

If your Freeview box isn’t working, you may want to unplug your set-top box or TV, leave it unplugged for up to 30 seconds, and reconnect the power and try again.

If this doesn’t work, it may be best to wait for an official update from the Freeview site or Twitter account.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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