GALAXY S9: Samsung smartphone may not fix the S8’s BIGGEST problem ahead of release date

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GALAXY S9: Samsung smartphone may not fix the S8’s BIGGEST problem ahead of release date

It looks like Samsung could be revealing the Galaxy S9 phone early next year.

The company tends to announce its flagship device early in the year, and the process for the S9 doesn’t look any different.

The company tends to take to Mobile Word Congress to tease its new devices, and MWC 2018 will be taking place in February. 

Which means a release date for the phone wouldn’t be too far behind.

As such, you can expect the rumours to start circulating.

There’s already been plenty of speculation, too.

First up, some reports suggest that the S9 will include a new and exclusive Snapdragon 845 processor, making it more powerful and faster than the current Galaxy S8.

Samsung is believed to have a struck up a deal with Qualcomm which will give the Galaxy S9 a period of exclusivity for the Snapdragon 845 processor – meaning that the S9 could have exclusive features for at least the first half of 2018.

The S9’s timed-exclusive Snapdragon 845 means the phone will see improved speeds – handy for the dual-camera lens which people are expecting to be on the device (similar to what was in the Galaxy Note 8).

Reports suggest that a brighter screen and a higher-quality front-facing camera could be shipping with the device, too.

Other suggestions state that the handset could also come in a wider range of colours.

However, there could be some bad news for Samsung fans, too.

The latest rumours suggest Samsung is still struggling to master the technology that would allow them to embed the fingerprint scanner under the display.

Samsung has been working on the technology for a while, but reports state that the phone may still ship without it.

And that’s bad news: the rear fingerprint recognition is one of the Galaxy S8’s worst features.

Luckily it seems there’s also some good news related to the rear fingerprint scanner, however.

According to TechnoCodex, Samsung is going to move the sensor to a better position on the rear case.

Other manufacturers – such as LG and Google – have managed to make rear scanners more ergonomically pleasing by moving them to the center of the device.

This beats Samsung who decided to pop its version right by the camera, making it difficult to reach and often leaving the user covering the lens with their finger, or smearing the camera lens, too.

Whilst the scanner may not be moving to the front of the case, moving it around on the rear of the phone might well be a good compromise.

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