New Home Diabetes Test Kits give quick and accurate results

Home diabetes test kits can be purchased from any leading medical supply company or even your local drug store such as Walgreens. These kits come in a number of configurations to make testing of blood sugar easy on the user. One kit requires the individual to send in their blood sample to a lab for analysis much like a doctor would do in the office. While this eliminates the need for an office visit and possbily large charges if not covered under insurance, it does not get the quickest results for the full analysis. But this kit which is distributed by ChoiceDM does give accurate readings within three minutes but sending in your sample does gain you a full lab report with important information about yoru blood sugar.

More popular in the marketplace and for users are kits found at these same locations where a digital device is included for users to see instant results of their blood sugar. These kits are simpel A1C testers which lets users keep an eye on their diabetes or even find more information about the sugar in their blood. Most of these devices show the amounts in just five minutes after submitting the sample. These kits are very user friendly only requiring a small drop of blood on a test strip in most cases. For those unsure of how to use the kits, most even come with video insstructions to ensure the sample is taken properly and inserted into the machine. The results show a reading which is actually not for just today but a reading of the sugar in your body from the past 2-3 months. While this test can give you some values as to diabetes, they do NOT dianose diabetes as only a doctor can do this so remember to seek medical advice for your results and concerns about diabetes.

Some may wonder why anyone would need or want to take a home diabetes test kit while out shopping. Thinking of all the possible risks and symptoms would encourage anyone to find out more about diabetes. Some of the reasons to test today are:
Family History of Diabetes
Lack of Excercise
Being Overweight or Obese
High Blood Pressure
Over 45 Years of Age
High-Sugar or High-Fat Diet
African American, Hispanic, or American Indian Heritage

Even more telling are some of the symptoms usually associated with diabetes such as:
Sudden Weight Loss or Gain
Excessive Thirst and/or Hunger
Numbness in the Hands or Feet
Frequent Urinating
Blurred Vision
Constant Tired Feeling
Lack of Focus or Concentration