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The is finally in stores and this new smartphone certainly has plenty going for it.

has packed this new device with a host of upgrades including an updated camera, brighter screen and more memory.

There’s also very fast A11 processor which, if this is to be believed, is putting its rivals to shame.

Another nice feature arriving on the iPhone 8 is the ability to charge this smartphone wirelessly.

This is the first time Apple has included this battery boosting technology on its mobile devices and it means that users now simply place their iPhone on any compatible pad to get a refill.

Wireless charging is great addition to the iPhone but it does come with one slight problem.

To allow this technology to work, Apple has had to cover the rear of its latest smartphone in glass rather than the usual aluminium.

This new glass look is stunning but what happens if the inevitable happens and you drop this £700 device on the floor.

and luckily the worst didn’t happen, but one YouTube channel has decided to slam this latest smartphone on the floor.

EverythingApplePro put both the larger iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus to the test and results are both good and bad.

They dropped the two devices from a number of different heights and you can see what happened below.

When dropped from waist height the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus both survived without too much damage.

In fact, apart from a few minor scuffs there were no visible effects and there would certainly be no need to rush to the Apple Store to get things fixed.

Most people are likely to drop their phones from this height as it’s generally when they are pulled from pockets that things can go wrong.

So, this is good news if you are thinking of buying the iPhone 8 as the test clearly shows the glass holds up well against small falls to floor.

Sadly, however, things don’t work out quite so well if the iPhone 8 slips from your fingers at head height.

During the rigorous test the team found that whilst the screen didn’t crack, the rear of the phone didn’t enjoy the experience one bit.

In fact, the glass panel shattered quite badly.

It’s worth noting that despite the huge cracks in the glass, the panel didn’t splinter and was perfectly safe to use after the fall.

Apple states that the iPhone 8 features some of the toughest glass available and this certainly seems to be true.

But, if you want to keep your shiny new iPhone 8 looking box fresh this test shows it might be worth investing in a case.

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