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12.55pm: Which party is in power where you live?

There are more than 4,000 seats up for grabs among 150 councils tomorrow.

Democratic Dashboard, a project run by the London School of Economics, has mapped the breakdown of seats held by each council across the country.

To find out who is in power in your area, click here

12.49pm: Corbyn attacks Conservatives over community services at MPs questions

Jeremy Corbyn has been answering questions in the House of Commons about funding for community services ahead of the elections tomorrow.

In his final remarks, the Labour leader told MPs: “The economy is slowing, homelessness is rising, more children are living in poverty, the Home Office in chaos, and the Government is making a complete shambles of Brexit negotiations.

“They’re damaging our NHS, damaging our children’s schools, cutting police as crime soars and they claim to be strong and stable.

“With council tax rising by more than 5% all over the country, isn’t the truth facing voters tomorrow that with the Tories you pay more and you get less?”

Mrs May said Mr Corbyn was wrong, adding: “What we are doing is ensuring that there is more money available to schools, we are ensuring we are protecting that core budget because we want to ensure every child – regardless of their background – gets the education they need and fulfils their potential.”

10.25am: Reminder of latest polls in Westminster

The Conservatives are currently predicted to win Westminster with 42 percent of the votes. Labour are just behind with 38 percent.

The Liberal Democrat vote stands at 7 percent while other votes for other parties are 13 percent.

10.20am: Conservative candidate set to stand in Hastings local election suspended over claims he was a paratrooper.

A Conservative candidate standing for election in Amber Rudd’s Hastings constituency in Sussex has been suspended after his British army credentials were questioned.

Matt Lynch, who was seeking a seat in the St Helens Ward, said online: “Having served in the British army for 14 years, 12 of which were in 2 Para, I am currently working for Stagecoach South East in Silverhill as a shift Engineer”

His online profile featured him wearing a blazer with a parachute regiment insignia.

Mr Lynch has been subsequently suspended from the Conservatives, the party confirmed.

Steve Flynn, treasurer of the Hastings Parachute Regimental Association, told the BBC the claims were “an insult to those people and their families”.

9.13am: New anti-Brexit party has 4-1 odds of winning seats in Wandsworth

Anti-Brexit party Renew is contesting sixteen seats in the Conservative stronghold of Wandsworth – and could have a decent chance of winning if the bookies are correct.

The party, which wants to ‘stop Brexit’, was established in 2017 by former Foreign Office anti-terrorist officer Chris Coghlan.

It has a 4-1 chance of winning the Conservative area of Wandsworth, according to the latest odds.

Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead said: “The Renew Party are targeting these local elections as a last chance saloon to stop Brexit and put themselves on the map, and whilst our odds of 4-1 suggest that a seat might be beyond them it certainly isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.”

On its website, Renew says one of its main aims to is to fight for a second referendum on Brexit.

A statement says: “We want to stop Brexit and believe a second referendum on the final deal negotiated with the EU is overwhelmingly in the interests of both Leave and Remain supporters.

“The British people must be allowed a vote on the reality of Brexit and come to an informed decision.”

8.55am: Former headmistress, 96, standing for councillor in Newcastle

A 96-year-old woman from Newcastle hopes to become a councillor in the local elections 2018 for the Conservatives.

Florence Kirky, from Gosforth, has vowed to be a “voice for older people” if she wins the newly-created Manor Park ward in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The former headmistress, who received an MBE for services to education in 2013, also wants to support teachers in schools with their workloads.

She said: “There needs to be a voice for older people – about a quarter of people in their 80s and 90s are in homes or being cared for, so that leaves three-quarters who are looking after themselves.

“When you hear about older people (in the media), it’s usually that there are too many of them and they are absorbing all the resources of the health service. There’s no acknowledgement about what they can contribute.

“I thought it was time there was somebody who could take a stand.”

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