Obsession with Europe is a turn-off for voters, Lib Dems warned | Politics | News

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Writing on the website Lib Dem Voice, Lord Ashdown warned that an “obsession” with Brexit was holding the party back from developing policies for the “kind of country we want Britain to be, whether in the EU or out”. 

Delegates at the party’s conference in Bournemouth will today debate what the party should push ministers to ask for in Brexit negotiations. 

New Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable also conceded that his party’s promise of a second referendum on Brexit “didn’t play well in the general election”. 

He added: “It came across to people as re-running the last one, which is not what it’s about.”

But Sir Vince pursued their pro-Brexit agenda, saying he believed there needed to be another Brexit vote, which he said would be “the first referendum on the facts” at conference. 

Senior Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb has warned the Lib Dems are in danger of becoming a single issue party by they are focusing so much on Brexit.

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