Phone stalking, health reports, and more: Tech Q&A


Confirming a Hack

Q: With all the data breaches, I am wondering if the hackers have my email account sign-in and password. How can I know if my email account has been hacked?

A: If you’ve had the same email account for years, you have probably received that fateful message from a friend: “Hey, I think your email was hacked.” Your friends can often tell because they start receiving weird and unnatural messages from “you.” In the past, all you had to do was change your password. But hackers are more sophisticated. They may root around your email in search of valuable information, and you may have no idea that they’re there. That’s why you have to use a more thorough method. Click here to check whether your email account has been hacked.

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Health Credit Reports

Q: Is there someplace online I can see my health credit report? I know insurance companies use this to determine how risky I am.

A: Not long ago, consumers were punished for checking their own credit scores. We now consider that ridiculous; you have as much right to check your credit as you do your bank balance. You’re also wise to ask about your health records because these can also culminate in a “credit score” that most people are unaware exists. This is a timely question because many patients, from all walks of life, are frustrated that insurance companies conduct so much business in secret. If an insurer can decide your fate, the statistics they use about your health should be available to you. Luckily, there are ways to find this secret number and see for yourself how your medical history stands. Click here to find your secret health credit reports.

Smartphone Stalkers

Q: Recently, a woman was stalked because some creep accessed her phone while she was at a convenience store. How did this happen?

A: Many people are familiar with file-sharing and how an unsecured Wi-Fi connection can allow people nearby to dig into your shared documents. Apple offers a feature called…

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