The US presidential election is less than a week. And the first time  republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to a new national poll has gained one point.

ABC President Donald Trump Democrat party, according to a new national poll conducted by the leading candidate is a point Clinton.

ABC 46% to trump the pool and Hillary got 45% points.



Before the November elections, eight candidates have stepped up their Campaigns. Both candidates on key electoral states visiting Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. However, the US World News presenter Katie is that the pool has to be right.

However, the US World News presenter comity  is that the pool has to be right The chances of winning of Clinton is high.

However, Hillary Clinton lead on trump in a recent poll conducted by BBC’s.


The FBI has issued 129 documents from the investigation of former President Bill Clinton in 2001, unexpectedly.

Bill Clinton was the person who donated the 2001 Democratic presidential pardon to Marc Rich.

IE has the FBI documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act by the NBC News.

Note that this study was closed in 2005.

Clinton’s team has less than a week after his election documents to bring to the fore the question.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is subjected to severe criticism, the director of the US investigation agency FBI. Clinton’s campaign has accused the director of the FBI investigation into the use of new email Clinton was Jamescommunal exercise of double standards.
The statement came after the US accused James communal involvement and alleged email hacking into US elections openly Russia.


According to a recent survey released by Gallup, 67 percent of Americans say that Trump is not the person to be president and is not qualified to lead them.

Although this opinion is less than any presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s comments about not much good.

The survey is Hillary’s personality to become president 47 percent of Americans think and is not qualified to lead, while 51% say that they are qualified to be president.