South Carolina State player in fair condition after collapsing during NC State game

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In a scary scene Saturday, South Carolina State’s Tyvoris Solomon collapsed midway through the first half of his team’s tilt against NC State.

Solomon was on the bench when he collapsed, and play was halted as medical staff performed CPR and attended to him before he was stretchered off the floor. He was stabilized and transported to Rex Hospital in Raleigh.

Head coach Murray Garvin went with Solomon to the hospital and, when play finally resumed, associate coach Rio Pitt stepped in to coach. Here was part of the scene in the aftermath, with players huddled around him and those in the area visibly shaken by his sudden collapse:

Solomon was evaluated at the hospital and, according to the News & Observer, he has been stabilized. A spokesman told ESPN that Solomon is in fair condition.  

In the wake of the stunning development, players were given the option to decide whether to play the remainder of the game or not, and the decision was unanimous to continue after a 45-minute delay.

“Coach Garvin said it’s up to the players,” Pitt said. “We walked in the locker room said, ‘Guys, it’s up to you whether you want to continue the game or not.’ They said, ‘We’ll do what Ty would do. Ty would tell us to go out there and play.’ That was the response they guys gave us. We let them decide. It was an absolute unanimous response. Not one person raised their hand to say they didn’t want to play.”

Solomon’s collapse caused an emotional upheaval for those around him, including his head coach, who reportedly fell to his knees in tears when he saw Solomon go down.

“Emotionally, while it was happening you are more so just praying that everything works out and trying to make sure that the guys are OK,” Pitt said. “My head coach dropped to his knees and started crying. Everyone for the most part followed suit. We just wished the best for him.”

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