Samsung has introduced Samsung Galaxy S Plus 6 edge and Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy  Note 5 most power full and glorious note till now. The Galaxy Note 5 goes on sale in several countries on August 21.  Galaxy Note 5 have  same processor as in Galaxy S6 Plus Edge.


RAM & Process

Phone S5 have 4 GB of RAM and Octal core processor. Processing speed of first 4 cores of process is 2.1 GHz and other remaining 4 cores have 1.5 GHz speed.

  • Android with 5.1 Lovely Pop Samsung Touch Wiz is installed.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 has same16-megapixel camera. Phone Camera can directly stream video to YouTube.
  • Galaxy S6 edge pulse and Note have 5 3,000 mAh battery.
Display Screen
  • Note 5 have 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen.
  • Note 5 supports LTE category 9 and loop Pay wireless.

S pen also available with 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the design of the S Pen changed to more attractive and comfortable. As note 5 detect S Pen around, a memo mode automatically active and automatically shift to Air Command mode when S Pen remove.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 storage can not be extended only existing  32 GB or 64 GB can be used. The major carriers of US have introduced Note 5 on contract. Initially cost of 32 GB version is $ 250 while the 64 GB version cost $ 350.

Monthly monthly installment of 32 GB version is $23 to $ 29 and 64 GB version will be $ 30 to 28. The total price of the 32 GB version is $ 700 while the cost of 64 GB version will be $ 840