The best BT Sport deals and packages pre-Black Friday 2017

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Looking for a clear answer on the best way to bag a cheap BT Sport deal? If you’re here, chances are you been asking yourself how much is BT Sport going to cost? Can I get BT Sport on Sky or Virgin Media? You’ve asked and we’re here to answer.

On this page we’ll tell you about the best offers direct from BT (for new and existing customers) and also how to get it if you already have Sky TV or Virgin Media. With so many options available from each provider, we’ve simplified the listings as much as possible so you can weigh up the best option for you without the pushy up-selling you’d get in stores, shopping center booths or on the phone. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a bit of Sky Sports, we’ve also extensively covered the latest various Sky TV deals available.

What’s on BT Sport?

The BT Sport Pack includes BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN and Box Nation. Across these channels you’ll find every Champions League match live, so no more asking the pub landlord to swap over to the match you actually want to watch and upsetting those Man United supporting Southerners. There’s also a selection of Premier League matches every week.

BT Sport is also the only place to enjoy Ashes cricket this year as BT has nabbed the exclusive rights to broadcast it this winter. Elsewhere on BT Sport you can enjoy the Rugby Aviva Premiership, UFC, NBA, Moto GP and much more. Sound good? Then let’s check out the latest BT Sport packages.

How to get BT Sport deals direct from BT

BT Sport deals are available as an add-on to a BT TV package and also as an extra to BT broadband. Let’s have have a look at all the options and how much they’ll cost you each month. Prices direct from BT rather than going through third parties like Sky and Virgin Media are the cheapest options available.

BT Sport deals if you’re not a BT customer yet

If you already get your TV or broadband from Sky or Virgin and your contract isn’t up for a while, you can skip this section and scroll down to the heading ‘How much is BT Sport on Sky?’ or ‘How to get BT Sport on Virgin Media.’ 

BT Sport Pack | 12 months | £7 a month with BT broadband / £3.50 a month with BT TV and broadband Here’s the short version, if you’re not adding BT Sport as an add-on to Sky or Virgin, then the only other way is to sign up to one of the BT broadband deals. From there you can choose to access the BT Sport channels on a mobile/tablet app or a computer for £7 a month (but free for the first three months). Or, if you’re signing up for a BT TV deal too, you’ll only have to pay £3.50 a month to watch on TV, online or via the on the go app.

View BT Sport deals: BT broadband and BT Sport at BT

I’m already an existing BT customer

If you already have BT broadband or a BT TV deal, good news. You can get BT Sport for less than anyone else on Sky or Virgin, maybe even for free. Take a look at the latest options for current BT customers below.

BT Sport pack | 12 months | £3.50 a month
If you already have BT Broadband and BT TV (even the basic TV package), it’s super easy to add BT Sport to your setup. BT started charging £3.50 a month in August for BT Sport after it being free for ages. While we love free more than anything, £3.50 a month is a small amount and you could spend a lot more by nipping to the pub to watch those Champion’s League games. At some pubs you wouldn’t even get a pint for £3.50. Note: signing up for this will also renew your existing BT Broadband/TV contract for 12 months

View BT Sport deal: BT Sport Total Entertainment add-on £3.50pm

BT Sport Pack | 12 months | Free (if you have Total Entertainment package)
If you already have the Total Entertainment BT TV package you can get BT Sport added on for free. Note: signing up for this will also renew your existing BT Broadband/TV contract for 12 months.

View BT Sport deal: BT Sport on BT TV FREE for 12 months

BT Sport app/streaming access | 12 months | £7 a month
If you have BT broadband, but don’t have BT TV at all you can still access BT Sport via the online player and BT Sport app. This is FREE for 3 months, then £7 a month. Note: this will extend your current BT broadband contract for a further 12 months. Click the link below, then scroll down to the BT Sport App option.

View BT Sport deal: BT Sport app/player £7pm 

How much is BT Sport on Sky?

Rather than put up a wall between their customers, BT and Sky have reached an agreement allowing existing Sky customers access to BT Sport too. That means they’ll have the most comprehensive sports coverage in the UK. Sky customers will have to set this up through BT though rather than Sky. 

The options are simple though and BT’s website will walk you through the steps, We’ve included links below and we’ll talk you through the various options and how much they cost too.

BT Sport Pack on Sky | 12 months | £20 activation | £25.99pm
Unless you have BT broadband, this is the cheapest way Sky TV customers can get BT Sport on their TV. This BT Sport package includes the suite of BT Sports channels in standard definition. This is a flat rate for the contract and there is also a £20 activation fee. Scroll down to the second option once you click through. 

View BT Sport deal: BT Sport Pack on Sky £25.99pm

BT Sport Pack HD on Sky | 12 months | £20 activation | £25.99pm (for 3 months), then £30.99 pm
Let’s face it, non-HD footy on modern TVs is a bit grim. So if you want to avoid that pixelated vaseline look (Snobs? Us?) then this BT Sport deal deal gives you the range of channels in shiny high-definition. The BT Sport deal starts at £25.99 a month for the first three months, then it’ll be £30.99 for the remaining nine months of the contract. On the plus side, that’s only a fiver more a month than the standard definition package – you wouldn’t even get two pints for that down your local nowadays.

View BT Sport deal: BT Sport Pack HD on Sky from £27.99pm

BT Sport Pack HD on Sky | 1 month (rolling) | £35 activation | £25.99pm  (for 3…

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