Theresa May’s election ‘thwarted Osborne’s ambition’ to become London MP | Politics | News

The former chancellor, who was last week criticised for suggesting he would not rest until the Prime Minister was “chopped up in bags in my freezer”, planned to launch a leadership bid from the capital after his Tatton constituency was lost in the planned boundary review. 

But the general election not only put paid to his leadership ambitions but also the hope of running as an MP in a Europhile constituency. 

Last week it was announced that the Government had scrapped the boundary review, which would have reduced MPs numbers from 650 to 600, in favour of an “equalisation” of constituencies. 

A Conservative source said: “George’s constituency in Cheshire was going to be lost in the review. 

“He had planned ahead for this and had his eye on a safe London seat which had voted Remain in line with his own thinking.

“Somewhere like Kensington, ironically, which we lost to Labour. 

“But then Theresa called the snap election and he realised the people of Tatton would not put up with an MP with six jobs including the editorship of a newspaper at the polls. 

“It certainly explains his bitterness towards the Prime Minister.”

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