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Theresa May’s Robotic Style Is Now Being Mocked In America On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Hopes Theresa May had of shedding her “Maybot” reputation seem to have been dashed after her mechanical style was mocked on US comedy show, Saturday Night Live.

The British prime minister, who was ridiculed during the election campaign for her robotic answers to questions, was lampooned following her Twitter spat with Donald Trump.

Last week, May said the US president was “wrong” to retweet video propaganda produced by the UK’s far-right fringe ‘Britain First’ group – criticism of an ally that was unprecedented by May, but language noted by some for its timidity.

It prompted an online rebuke from Trump, who told his counterpart to “focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place” within the UK.

On the long-running late-night comedy show, May was portrayed by actor Kate McKinnon as dead-eyed and near motionless, the joke being her insentient mannerisms contrasted with the fierce put-downs that are apparently the hallmark of Twitter.

McKinnon’s May reveals she was “not afraid of a little social media fisticuffs” and has “never felt more alive” – despite appearing to be the very opposite.

“I saw Trump’s offensive retweets and put that man on blast.

“Look at this epic takedown: ‘It is wrong for the president to have done this’. 

“Savage. Flaming emoji. I am practically a troll now.”

‘May’ also notes how the “bitch tagged the wrong Theresa May” – a reference Trump initially linking to a different Twitter user, instead of May’s actual handle.

At least May seems to have cracked America, something not many British comedians can claim.

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