Wetherspoon boss attacks business leaders over Brexit ‘misinformation’ | City & Business | Finance

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Chairman Tim Martin said warnings staying in the EU for an extra two years is necessary to avoid a “cliff edge” are “factually incorrect and highly misleading”. 

He said: “The misinformation from directors and trade organisations seems to be designed to support the view that staying in the EU for an additional two years is necessary to avoid a ‘cliff edge’.

“There is no cliff edge, Wetherspoon is ready now to leave the EU, since almost no preparation is required – as is almost certainly the case for Sainsbury’s and Whitbread, and the vast majority of companies.”

Mr Martin’s comments came just days after he branded Remoaner claims that food prices will shoot up after Brexit as “nonsense”.

The pub chain chief slapped down claims that food prices would rise by 22 per cent after Brexit unless the UK agrees a deal with the European Union (EU). 

Writing in The Sun, he said: “The EU is a protectionist cartel, which has no tariffs within its borders, but charges substantial sums to the 93 per cent of the world that is not in the EU.

“To make matters worse, the food tariffs imposed on UK shoppers are then sent to Brussels, where they disappear into the un-audited EU money pit.”

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