Will The First Robot In the Boardroom Be A “Woman”?

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With the approach of Autumn, with Fall leaves getting ready to change: I made a short list of upcoming changes facing us humans, as we begin to make room on Planet Earth for more women on top, robots in the boardroom, and greener leaner communities.

By 2018: Major medical screenings including several types of cancers, by computers, may overtake human analysis in the lab.
By 2018: Seeing a 6% gain in NET profit based on 30% women in leadership, 30% women in leadership and management will become the standard. Fast-growth companies seeking higher NET profit will boost that figure to 40-50%.
By 2019: The Fossil Fuel Industry will diversify after admitting that their assets in the ground (coal)(oil) will soon = ZERO
By 2019: The dematerialization of the modern world will shift to small scale, local and sustainable.
By 2020: The corporate world is dematerializing. Your office may be at home or a seat in a collaborative, co-working space.
By 2020: The driverless car – in its own designated lane, will share the public streets with bikes and pedestrians.
By 2020: Pedestrians and bicyclists clothing or smartphone will include a device to alert driverless cars to their presence.
By 2020: Robots will guide humans to their seats at the Tokyo Olympics
By 2025: 25% of men will require a woman to support them.
By 2025: 50% of the workforce, mostly boomers, will be retiring. Will their knowledge go with them?
By 2026: The first robot will take a seat in a corporate boardroom
By 2028: 2/3rd’s of America’s wealth will be in the hands of women

QUESTION: What will women do with all that money?

By 2017: Women in government will begin moving government monies away from weapons, tanks, bullets and warfare, the the direction of education, healthcare, infrastructure and the eradication of poverty.
By 2028: The shift will be complete by 2028 and we’ll enter the Earth/Brain era, using the dynamic male/female synergy, human centric creativity and innovation to preserve Planet Earth, sustainably.

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