WWE Raw results, recap: Jason Jordan, Matt Hardy highlight a PPV-like show

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With fewer segments than normal and an increased focus on long and exciting matches, Monday’s episode of Raw felt more like a pay-per-view considering how much was at stake in each bout. And with a decreased PPV schedule in 2018, that’s far from a bad thing.  

But if the episode is ultimately remembered for a single thing, it just might be how far Jason Jordan has come as a superstar with limitless potential.  

It may have been Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe, whose insertion into an exciting Raw tag team championship main event, that proved to be the principle figures when the show went off the air on Monday. But the first hour of it was all about Jordan, setting the tone for a strong evening to come.

Jason Jordan carries opening hour  

Raw general manager Kurt Angle opened the show ready to announce Roman Reigns’ opponent for tonight’s intercontinental title match. Out came Jason Jordan who, amid a chorus of boos, challenged his father to give him a shot at Reigns. Despite Angle’s concern about his injured knee, Jordan begged and claimed, “I can beat Roman Reigns, I just need a chance, dad.” Reigns ran in to tell Angle he wanted Samoa Joe instead before ripping Jordan for how he handled himself. “Don’t come running to your dad,” Reigns said, “step up and take it.” Jordan countered by calling Reigns the poster boy for everything WWE management wants. Out came Samoa Joe to accept Reigns’ challenge before offering him five seconds to withdraw it and avoid embarrassment. 

Jordan interjected to cut a promo on Joe, saying he doesn’t have to act tough because he’s willing to challenge people to their face. His attempt to challenge Joe was halted by Reigns, who pushed him back. But just as Reigns told Joe “the five seconds are done,” Jordan hit Reigns with a belly-to-belly suplex. An angry Reigns grabbed the microphone and told Joe he can wait until after tonight because “Jordan can get it right now.” He then ordered Angle to book it. After commercial, their three-segment match lasted just over 20 minutes with one dramatic near fall for Jordan after another. Jordan, who reaggravated his knee, came the closest following a pair of Northern Lights suplexes until Reigns countered with a Superman punch and spear for the 1-2-3.  

Joe, who watched from the stage, heckled Reigns before attacking him and applying his Coquina Clutch. Jordan broke it up from behind and hit a suplex on Joe before Reigns laid out Jordan with a Superman punch from behind. Angle angrily shot down Jordan’s backstage plea for a second match against Joe tonight, explaining that people are going to think he’s playing favorites. Joe then surprised Jordan and laid him out.  Later on, Elias threatened Angle backstage that “your bias to your bastard son will be the end of you.”  

Talk about a coming-out party for Jordan. The former American Alpha member was the focal point of the first 47 minutes of the show and failed to disappoint a single time. In fact, his exchanges with Reigns on the microphone proved to be the best segment of the show. Jordan continues to get handed the ball and simply improves each week.  Jordan’s whiny persona is a proven heat…

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