AME’s faculty on the factory floor produces new breed of British ENGINEERS | City & Business | Finance

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The initiative, from the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME), was set up in 2014 as a joint collaboration between the University of Coventry and Unipart Manufacturing, a global fabrication and supply chain expert.

Forging a new approach that linked industry and academia to create the UK’s first ‘faculty on the factory floor’ was essential in producing more “rounded engineers”, explains AME director Carl Perrin.

“Our ambition was to change the focus of learning to real life experience of shopfloor projects and access to the latest technology.

“It’s a success that augurs well for 2018 and beyond. Our engineers are more comfortable operating in a high pressured working environment and understand the dynamics of being part of a team.”

The first graduates will now go on to jobs in the automotive, motorsport and metals sectors or further research while 100 more on now on the course. 

“It’s been fantastic working on real time projects. It reinforced the theory so I could apply it very quickly,” says graduate Alicia Prior, 21, who plans to be a project manager.

Aside from the training, AME, based on Unipart’s Coventry site, also has a team of technology specialists developing new powertrain and energy transfer solutions for transport and the renewables industry.

Its work has helped the group secure a new fuel rail project for Ford’s Fox engine and production on Aston Martin’s new lightweight exhaust system.

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