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Apple is preparing to release its biggest iPhone ever – which will be one of three new iPhones that gets launched in 2018, according to the latest reports.

Apple last year broke the mould and unveiled three iPhones at their big September event.

These devices were the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the hugely anticipated iPhone X.

And it looks like Apple has found three is the magic number, with reports that a trio of new iPhones will be unveiled at Cupertino later this year.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a reliable track record of getting insider info, detailed the three iPhones that will allegedly get launched in 2018.

He claimed Apple will launch an upgraded iPhone X, a less expensive model with some of the flagship’s features and a giant high-end iPhone X.

This latter device, which could be the much rumoured iPhone X Plus, will allegedly have a massive 6.5inch screen.

This is a bigger screen size than any iPhone so far, with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus both sporting a 5.8inch screen.

It’s even a larger display than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, positioning the rumoured new iPhone as a rival to ‘phablet’ style phones.

Gurman said despite the huge screen size, the ‘iPhone X Plus’ will physically have the same footprint as the iPhone 8 Plus.

This is thanks to the iPhone X Plus saving space by dropping the home button and using an edge-to-edge display, just like the iPhone X did.

The iPhone X Plus may also have a dual-SIM option, a feature popular in Asia where the phablet-style phone would hope to sell well.

All three new iPhones will reportedly have a TrueDepth camera for Face ID, meaning the notch is here to stay.

The cheapest upcoming iPhone will allegedly boast an edge-to-edge display – but the screen will be LCD as opposed to the iPhone X’s more expensive OLED.

And both the 2018 iPhone X and the iPhone X Plus are rumoured to come in a new gold colour scheme.

It looks like Apple are trying to simplify their iPhone line-up, offering consumers clear choices depending on their budgets and needs.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Gene Muster, a long-time Apple watcher, said: “This is a big deal.

“When you have a measurable upgrade in screen size, people go to update their phone in droves.

“We saw that with the iPhone 6, and we think this is setting up to be a similar step up in growth.”

He added: “The market that will see the biggest jump in sales is likely Asia.

“That market has many single-device consumers, and they love big phones.”

The news comes hot on the heels of Apple’s big rival Samsung launching their latest flagships, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

The Android smartphones have an almost identical design to their predecessors, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Instead of widespread changes, the S9 offers incremental upgrades – such as a better placed fingerprint scanner on the rear, an improved camera and new AKG tuned speakers.

One new feature the S9 does offer though takes a leak out of Apple’s book.

The S9 uses the front facing camera to create ‘AR emojis’ – 3D models that are meant to reflect the likeness and expressions of the person pictured.

If it sounds familiar, then that’s because it’s similar to the Animoji feature which is currently exclusive to the iPhone X.

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