Beautiful Pictures of Pakistani Celebrities Mother and Daughter

Zara Noor Abbas 


Rubina Ashraf with her Daughter Actress Mina Tariq 

Iman Aly with her Mother 

Saba Faisal with Daughter Sadia Faisal 

Saba Hamid with her Daughter Meesha Shafi

Fatima Effendi with her Mother 

Parveen Akbar with Daughter Rabya Kalsoom 

Amar Khan with her Mother 

Javeria Abbasi with her Daughter Anzela Abbasi 

Ushna Shah

Ushna Shah isn’t the only member of her family who belongs to the entertainment industry. This industry runs deep in her family. Ushna Shah is the daughter of the veteran artist Ismat Tahira. Ismat Tahira has worked on Radio and T.V back in 70s and 80s. She was a single mother who raised her six kids alone because her husband though very educated chose not to support the family financially.

On radio Ismat has worked in multiple fields, as a compare, news caster, and actor. On television, she has played numerous roles in dramas of PTV Lahore center. She mainly appeared in supportive/ character roles. Neelay Haath is one of her famous dramas, which aired in 1989. In the field of advertisement, she worked in an advertisement agency, to raise ads for different newspapers and in doing so, she also drove motorcycle, as she couldn’t afford a car at that time.

She eventually stopped acting in the 90s and moved to Canada with her family. Other than Ushna Shah twoof her other kids are a part of entertainment industry too. Irsa Ghazal is daughter of Ismat Tahira, and a famous TV actress too. She started her career in mid 1980’s from PTV Lahore center. Her famous dramas are ‘Mirat ul Uroos’ , ‘Pyaasi’ and Catwalk. In Mirat ul Uroos, she played the role of Akbari. Irsa Ghazal took a break from television in mid 1990’s and made a comeback in 2008-2009, and now she is regularly appearing in dramas in character roles like ‘Rishtay Kucch Adhoray se’ and ‘Kahi Unkahi’.
Ismat Tahira’s son Shah Sharabeel is a director and producer in theater mainly serious theater. He has produced and directed many theater plays like ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’, ‘You only marry twice’.