Boy Told He Would Never Walk Takes First Steps Unaided In Moving Video

A moving video has captured the moment a five-year-old, who was told he would never be able to walk, took his first steps. Camden Brooks Hanson was filmed walking unaided across a room in a moment that his mother described as “incredible”.

According to The Mirror, Camden has cerebellar atrophy – a degenerative condition which affects the part of the brain that controls functions including coordination, balance and speech.

The five-year-old from Georgia, US, has been in physiotherapy since he was just 18 months old. 

“He has taken one or two independent steps in the past but typically falls right after,” Camden’s mother Mandy Hanson said.

“Many doctors and therapists told us they didn’t think he would ever walk independently and look at him now.”

Ms Hanson shared a video of Camden’s first independent steps on Twitter this Sunday, where it has been viewed by nearly 8 million people. The video has also collected over 20,000 comments from people touched by the emotional moment.

“I am SO happy for him…and you! That’s a lot of hard work there,” wrote one person in the comments section.

“I have tears of joy and I don’t even know you or your son,” another said.

Tests have not been able to detect the exact cause of the child’s atrophy, but MRI scans have shown that his condition is worsening over time. 

“The ‘unknown’ is very scary because we are unsure what his prognosis and future looks like,” said Ms Hanson. “We are so proud of him and blessed that he is our son.”

Camden’s parents are hopeful that he will be able to start kindergarten later this year using his crutches. 

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