Celebrating Poila Boishakh: Bengali New Year 2018 with love, food and family


All over the world Bengali’s are celebrating the Bengali New Year today, this also marks the first financial day of the New Year and is considered very auspicious for investments. The festival date is in accordance with the lunisolar Bengali calendar.

People generally start their day by offering prayers at the temple to seek blessings. Shopkeepers offer prays in their place of work for prosperity and to gain wealth in the New Year. Many people even settle old accounts to start the New Year on a fresh note.

On this day many people come out for a cultural procession called Prabhat Pheri and are dressed carrying floats accompanied by dance troupes. They also wear new clothes and come together as a family to eat delectable delights listening to songs by Rabindra Nath Tagore. Bengali cuisine is known for its fish and a variety of flavours. People decorate their house with Alpana’s (colourful rangoli motifs) and mango garlands at the entrance since it is considered as a sacred tree and to add auspiciousness. Some people over boil the milk so it flows over which indicates increasing wealth and abundance.

People create special menus while hosting lunches and dinners for their loved ones. Some of the popular foods during this festivity are

Fish/ Prawns/ Mutton curry: The Bengali cuisine is known for its fish and it’s varied preparation styles whether its Hilsa curry with rice, mustard fish or prawn that is cooked with coconut.

Shutko: This mixed vegetable dish is also considered a huge part of the celebrations and the Bengali cuisine.Bengali Shutko

Desserts: Popular for desserts like Rasgulla, Sandesh, Kalakand etc these sweet dishes are eaten with a lot of fervour and are thought of as a good omen to start the New Year with.rasmalai