Date, history and significance of the day

Maharashtra Krishi Din 2020: Every year on July 1, the Maharashtra Krishi Din also known as Agriculture Day or Krishi Din is celebrated in Maharashtra. The week from July 1 to July 7, is also celebrated as Krishi Saptah (Week) in the state.

Maharashtra is an agrarian state that’s the reason why the state’s economy is mainly dependent on the agriculture sector. In Maharashtra, Maharashtra Krishi Din is celebrated in remembrance of the Father of Green Revolution of Maharashtra – Vasantarao Naik. Celebrating this day on Naik’s birthday (that is, July 1) has its own meaning.

Maharashtra is one of the main producing states in India. For many products, several states across the country rely on Maharashtra. However, over the years, farmers have sometimes suffered because of scarce rainfall, and sometimes because of increased inflation. Therefore, “Krishi Day” is one of the platforms for finding solutions to these serious problems, because their plight cannot be ignored.

Maharashtra Krishi Din 2020: History

This day is very important because it remembers the late Vasantrao Naik, who happened to be one of the chief ministers of Maharashtra from 1963 to 1975. Naik is known as the “Father of Green Revolution” in the state. Until now, he is still the longest-serving commander in Maharashtra (1963-1975).

Maharashtra Krishi Din: Significance

This day is of great significance to the history of Maharashtra. It recognizes Vasantrao Naik’s valuable services for Indian farmers. To commemorate this occasion, the whole state held some activities to honour farmers. On this day, India Post issues many definitive stamps on the theme of farms, farmers and farm animals. There are 30 Paisa stamp features Maharashtrian women working in rice field.

This day is important because it raises the issues of farmers and agricultural departments in the state on the right platform, and the state government can solve these problems. The celebration of Agriculture Day includes different plans, workshops and lectures to raise awareness of the plight of farmers and help farmers make efforts to find solutions to problems facing the agricultural sector.

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