Father’s Day 2020: Tips for Dads to Maintain Work-life Balance During Remote Working

Father’s Day is just a day away. A day to celebrate super dads, who often struggle to spend quality time with their children. The ongoing pandemic has given us a chance to spend more time with our children; however, the work from home situation can make things difficult with the blurring of work-life distinctions. Work-life balance is the key to keep productivity levels up, thus it is important to find innovative ways to spend time with your children to ensure you do not burnout while you keep your children happy and engaged.

Dr Mitul Thakker, Chief People and Compliance Officer at IKS Health, lists down four ways to keep the boredom at bay while engaging with your children whether they are tiny tots or teenagers.

1. Fun Workout session with your kids

Working out is extremely important for your health and well-being especially at a time when there are restrictions on movement. There are several workout videos available online that can be done from the confines of your home. This is the best time to club your workout session with your children, this will keep your health in check as well as help you spend time with your children. If your organisation has planned virtual workout activities, then include your children in them too.



2. Learn a hack/skill with your little one

Learning is key at every stage in life, what better time to enhance one’s skills or even learn a new one. There are so many courses to opt for and while you do so, don’t forget to enrol your children for online learning. You and your child can individually be part of a learning module or take up a course that works for children and parents together, like learning a new language or a DIY building project. It’s a perfect way to bond with your children and spend time with them while you re-skill for a brighter future.

3. Fix a quick meal with your mini chef

Cooking is therapeutic especially when you add a twist to the menu. Since you are busy during the day, it is best to pick a quick healthy option that fits in your schedule. Don’t forget to share the task with your mini chef at home who will be more than eager to come up with something great. The final dish will not only leave you with a happy stomach but a satisfied child as well.

4. Daddy’s Day In – Plan a virtual meet with colleagues and their kids

Organisations encourage family activities and often celebrate them in unique ways. This year will be different as you cannot take your children to your office, but you can definitely bring your office home. Plan a virtual session with your colleagues and their families and make sure your children are part of a fun evening. Fun games, introductory ice breakers and snacks can complete the evening.

Balancing every aspect of life is important be it personal or professional life. For the uninitiated, Father’s Day is the best day to start and for the others, it is yet another beautiful day to make lifelong memories.

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