How The World Is Preparing To Ring In 2018. See Pics


New Year’s Eve preparations at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany (AFP)

With only a few hours to go for 2018, preparations are on at all full swing across the world for New Year’s Eve celebrations and parties. In many cities, revelers take to the streets to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with the community while some prefer quiet time with family and friends. The New Year obviously arrives at different times for different countries across the globe. New Zealand and Australia are among the first countries to ring in the new year. While Australians will enjoy a rather warm New Year, in Canada, New Year’s Eve celebrations will be accompanied by a really, really chilly winter – with some parts even colder than Mars.

new years eve 2017 preparation sydney 650 afp

New Year’s Eve 2017: Circular Quay, Sydney

In Sydney’s Circular Quay, crowds gathered ahead of the popular New Year’s Eve fireworks display at the Harbour Bridge. The fireworks this year will be rainbow-themed to celebrate Australia legalising aame-sex marriages earlier this month. More than 1.5 million spectators were packing the city’s foreshore to watch tonnes of pyrotechnics light up the night sky in the first major New Year’s bash.

new years eve 2017 preparation cologne 650 afp

New Year’s Eve 2017: The Cathedral in Cologne, Germany

Outside the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, words like “tolerance”, “peace” and “freedom” were displayed on the ground as part of a New Year’s eve light installation by artist Ingo Dietzel. The artist collects wishes from people and integrates them in his work that will be displayed during New Year’s Eve celebrations in front of Cologne’s most famous landmark.

new years eve 2017 preparation berlin 650 afp

New Year’s Eve 2017: Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

An illuminated Brandenburg Gate reflects in a puddle as preparations were underway for New Year’s Eve celebrations in Berlin

new years eve 2017 preparation iraq 650 afp

New Year’s Eve 2017: Shorja Market in Baghdad, Iraq

Gift shops come up at the popular Shorja market in central Baghdad in preparation for new year celebrations

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