Kabir Das Jayanti 2020: Interesting Facts About Sant Kabir Das That Highlights His Teachings, Life And Works

Kabir Das Jayanti Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye (Photo Credits: File Image)

One of the greatest poets of Indian history, Saint Kabir Das is considered an epitome of greatness whose teachings continue to inspire millions around the world till date. He was born in the Hindu month of Jyestha in 1440. His birth anniversary is celebrated by his followers in India and abroad as Kabir Das Jayanti and this year it falls on June 5. After years of training under his Guru named Ramananda, a poor boy from a Muslim weaver family went on to create a huge religious community called the Kabir Panth. His legacy is sharply defined by his poetry which was written in a mix of Hindi and Avadhi but also his ideals of moksha and spiritual principles of Jivatma and Paramatma are considered ageless wonders. Sant Kabir Das Jayanti 2020 Images & HD Wallpapers: WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Greetings, SMS & Wishes to Celebrate Birth of Indian Mystic & Poet.

On Kabir Das Jayanti, we take a look at some interesting facts about this great soul.

  • There is not much clarity about the birth and death of Saint Kabir although there is a belief he lived for 120 years.
  • Legends say Kabir Das was the son of a Brahmin widow who abandoned him and he was later adopted a poor Muslim couple.
  • Varanasi remained the epicentre of his life and teachings and despite facing Brahmin oppressions due to his caste, he was successful in propagating his message of spirituality.
  • Saint Kabir Das rejected the rituals prevalent in Hinduism and Islam prevalent at his time.
  • His teachings struck a chord with the poor section of the society who felt he was sensitive to the economic and social discrimination they had to go through each day. Sant Kabir Das Jayanti 2020 Wishes: Kabir Ke Dohe and Kabir Amritwani Videos to Celebrate 15th-Century Indian Mystic Poet’s Birth Anniversary.
  • Despite being illiterate, his couplets referred to as ‘Kabir Ke Dohe’ had a plethora of knowledge in them.
  • Guru Arjan Dev picked up a major part of Kabir’s work and incorporated them in the Sikh scripture, Guru Grant Sahib.
  • Saint Kabir referred to his god by the name Rama which is not the Hindu deity but Niranjan ( without taint), Nirakar (formless) and Nyara ( extraordinary).
  • Bijak is considered the greatest work of Kabir Das which is a collection of poems that gives an insight into his understanding of life.
  • Documentary filmmaker Shabnam Virmani has made a series of documentary and books depicting Kabir’s philosophy.
  • Saint Kabir was forced to live in exile post-1495 when Sikandar Lodi charged him with possession of divine powers. He died in Maghar near Gorakhpur in 1518.  5 Interesting Facts About Kabir Das’ Life.
  • At the time of his death, the Hindus and Muslims had a tussle over his last riots with each wanting to bid adieu to the great man in their own traditional way.

A pioneer of the Bhakti movement, Saint Kabir’s teachings dwells on some bitter truths that often force us to think about the way the world functions. The aura of truth surrounding his work makes him one a kind poetic genius.

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