Kilde leads men’s Alpine combined after super-G portion

BORMIO, Italy (AP) — Norwegian skier Aleksander Aamodt Kilde edged Dominik Paris in the super-G portion of a men’s World Cup Alpine combined event on Sunday.

Kilde timed 1 minute, 33.42 seconds on the Stelvio course for a lead of 0.03 seconds over Paris, who won back-to-back downhill races here the past two days.

Vincent Kriechmayr of Austria posted the third fastest time and trailed by 0.35.

World champion Alexis Pinturault ranked 12th and the Frenchman had nearly a second to make up in the slalom run.

Pinturault, who hurt his left thigh in a parallel giant slalom Monday, was chasing his ninth career World Cup victory in the discipline.

Crashes caused several delays, most notably when Austria’s Christopher Neumayer had to be transported off the hill by helicopter with an apparent knee injury.

It’s the first Alpine combined event since a rule change for the starting order, as the fastest racers from super-G run will get the favorable early start positions for the concluding slalom leg.

Hannes Reichelt missed the race after injuring his right knee in a crash in Saturday’s downhill. The 39-year-old Austrian was ruled out for the season after undergoing surgery for a torn ACL and a fracture of the knee joint capsule.

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