National Camera Day 2020 Date and History: Know the Significance of the Day That Recognises Camera and Its Benefits

Every year, the National Camera Day (US) is celebrated annually on June 29 in the United States of America. The special day marks the invention of the camera and the photographs. Prior to this, the only way to document a vision was a painting. Though there is no clear evidence about the existence of camera, several reports say that, George Eastman, also known as “The Father of Photography,” brought the camera to people. While he did not invent the camera, he developed many additions improving the use and production of the camera.

The developments made by Eastman made the camera widely available to homes around the world. A camera is an irreplaceable tool used to record and replicate memories. It has been widely used across the world by common man across the globe, majorly by photographers. The use of camera has been developed substantially over the years.

National Camera Day (US) History

The Origin of the ‘National Camera Day’ is uncertain. However, the roots of National Camera Day can be traced back to French inventor Joseph Niepce right up to modern day digital photography. Niepce was is most noted as one of the inventors of photography and as a pioneer in the field. According to history, Niepce developed the heliograph, which is a technique used to produce the world’s first known photograph in 1825, the view from the window at Le Gras the families estate.

The first commercially available digital camera, in the United States, was the 1990 the Dycam Model 1. According to history, it was originally a commercial failure because it was black and white, low in resolution.

Significance of the National Camera Day

The day reminds us that camera has been man’s friend since a long time in capturing memories. People don’t need to know the history of the camera to celebrate Camera Day. On this day, people remember the candid memories and take a glimpse down the memory lines with the help of the the photographs they once clicked. The day signifies that the snaps are our memories that we carry with ourselves in our lives. We wish you a Happy National Camera Day 2020!

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