Newcomers should be aware of Ramadan rules in the UAE


Tourists and new comers to the UAE should be aware about the laws to avoid any legal trouble.

Residents who have been in the UAE for a while are aware that the law is strict as far as fasting and respecting the sanctity of the month of Ramadan is concerned. Eating, drinking or smoking outdoors during fasting hours in the holy month is a crime and showing it to others in public bears penalties, as per the enforced laws here.

In the last years, such cases were very few, and maybe nonexistent. However, tourists and new comers to the UAE should be aware about the laws to avoid any legal trouble and foremost to enjoy their stay, have a wonderful firsthand experience of the special life here during the holy month, advised Hani Hammouda, lawyer at Kefah Al Zaabi Office for Advocacy and Legal Consultancy.

Considering the fact there are so many nationalities coming from different cultures and backgrounds, setting limits through regulations and rules in this regard has proven to be primordial and efficient over the years.

“The culture of any society is deep-rooted and takes shape through ages. However, just like great trees, it needs wide space to keep its uniqueness while warmly welcoming foreigners,” Hammouda pointed out.

“While the residents and visitors add their countries’ flavours to life here during the holy month, making it a beautiful ‘mosaic of cultures’, it is incumbent for them to respect the laws and traditions of the UAE. The Emirati society is keen on preserving traditions inherited from ancestors, like organising mass Iftar halls, distribution of free meals to the needy and numerous charity activities.”

Marie Nammour


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