Ramadan 2018 | Ramadan Dates 2018 in USA, UK, Dubai, India, BD & All Country

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We try to describe all necessary information about the Ramadan. Like when is
Ramadan 2018, Ramadan Dates 2018, Ramada Time Table 2018, Ramadan Schedule
2018, Ramadan Calendar 2018, First Day of Ramadan, Last Day of Ramadan and
Rules of Ramadan
. Everything you have need to know about the Ramzan 2018. So
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Ramadan word comes from the Arabic root Ramida. Which tell us
scorching heat or dryness. Ramadan also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan. The month
is one of the biggest festivals of Muslims religion.

We hope all Muslims Religion people know about this. Ramadan is
the ninth (9th) month of the Islamic calendar. It is observed by
Muslims Religion people in the worldwide. It is the month of Fasting (Sawm) to
commemorate the 1st revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. It is most important
month of Islamic Calendar for Muslims.

When Is Ramadan 2018

It is the most important things for Muslims Religion people. When
is Ramadan. Ramadan 2018 month is knocking in the door. In this year Ramadan month
will start Friday, 17th May
2018. So Ramadan Date is 17/05/2018. The first day to fasting will be confirmed
on 17th May 2018. The
Ramadan month continue 30 Days.
And Ramadan will ends after 29 or 30 Days on Sunday, 15 June 2018.
This date is confirmed by the Islamic
calendar 2018
. Our Ramadan Time Table collected from “East London Mosque”.
 So we have to start fasting on 17th May 2018. It will be continue 29 days
or 30 Days. More details in the Ramadan Calendar 2018 below


When Is Ramadan 2018 For Eid Ul Fitr 2018

We have already discussed that, Ramadan is the most important
month of Islamic calendar. Ramadan will start on 17th May 2018 and it will be ends on 15th June 2018. In this total 29 or 30 days
for Ramadan. After 29 or 30 days Muslims people celebrate Eid. So this year Eid
2018. This Eid is called Eid
UL Fitr
. So we hope you understand about Ramadan
dates for Eid UL Fitr 2018

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When is Ramadan 2018 and what are the rules for fasting for
Islamic holy month. Looking for Ramadan Dates 2018, Schedule 2018. Ramadan
is the month for hard prayer. During the festival month, Muslims peoples slogan
from drinking, eating, smoking and sexual intercourse during the daytime. They
will enjoy a feast of food in the evening time. Ramadan 2018 dates,time table
in USA,UK,India for also different. From the
every year, Muslim religious peoples observe the Ramadan festival. The date of
Ramadan is also very important. Because Ramadan is divided by three types. So
we need to know about Ramadan 2019 Dates and Time after Ramadan 2018. Also visit here to Download Ramadan Mubarak Images

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