Roger Federer’s Selfie With World’s Happiest Animal Is Instant Pick-Me-Up


Quokkas are popularly known as the world’s happiest animals.

What happens when one of the best tennis players of this generation poses for a selfie with the world’s happiest animal? Lots of cuteness, of course. On Thursday, Roger Federer delighted fans by taking a few happy pictures with some quokkas at Australia’s Rottnest Island. The 36-year-old tennis champion is in Australia for the Hopman Cup tournament in Perth.

Native to Australia’s Rottnest Island, quokkas are considered to be the world’s happiest animals for their friendly nature. As they have no natural predators on the island, quokkas are known to approach humans with little fear.

Roger Federer arrived in Perth on Wednesday and left for Rottnest on Thursday to meet fans, reports Yahoo News.

Here is his adorable selfie that’s winning the Internet:

Fans on social media just can’t stop gushing about this meeting:

“I thought it was a like a bigger mouse, but it’s more like a smaller kangaroo. They’re very cute,” Federer said, according to Mashable.

Watch the adorable video below (1:25 onwards):




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