Spotted at World Series: A fan in Mark McGwire’s full Dodger uniform on Halloween

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LOS ANGELES — Not No. 12 in programs but soon to be at least top 25 in your hearts is this ticket-holding sum buck … 

CBS Sports

First, it’s not often someone shows up to a ballgame — even Game 6 of the World Series on Halloween — in full uniform. Second, it’s not often someone brandishes the jersey of an erstwhile batting coach. Yes, that would be Mark McGwire’s No. 12. He served as Dodgers’ hitting coach from 2013 through 2015 before becoming bench coach for the rival Padres. 

In any event, this fan mentioned in passing that he owns all of McGwire’s jerseys and that his wife says there’s a resemblance, which is true enough. Your intrepid correspondent did not get a chance to ask the gentleman’s name because he was — understandably and to his enduring credit — not especially interested in having a passing conversation with a stranger. And just like that … 


CBS Sports

Ol’ Ersatz McGwire was off into the gloomy California afternoon, possibly on his way to grab someone who looks like Matt Williams by the lapels. 

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