Take Your Dog To Work Day (US) 2020: Funny Videos of Dogs And Cats Giving a Tough Time to Their Hoomans Working From Home During Lockdown

Working from home simply changed the cycle for all of us. Everything from when we wake up to the time we sleep, things seem to be going upside down for everyone. The only ones who have benefitted out of this are our pets. Our dogs, cats and birds have no idea what has happened with the entire household and not stopped running around the house since we all started working from home. As National Take Your Dog to Work Day 2020 approaches, we have compiled a list of funny videos of people struggling to work from home. How to Take Care of Dogs During Quarantine? From Making Dog Homes to Letting Them Watch Movies, Pet Parents Share Pics & Videos of How They Spend With Time Their Pooches.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day is celebrated on June 26 in the United States every year as an honour to our dear pets. For those with pets will understand that pets are the ones who do not stop to show us love no matter what. They simply make our days better, especially after a tiring day of work. But with lockdown, their happiness knew no boundaries almost not letting us work. So here’s to our loved pets who do not know about giving us space and can go to any extend to love us. As homes became our workplaces, we bring to you videos of pets with humans at their ‘work’ places. Quarantine Time With Pets: From Happy Dog Spraining Tail From Excessive Wagging to Man Using Drone to Walk Dog, 5 Cutest Videos on Internet to Watch RN!

Dogs Troubling People Working From Home:

This is a compilation of dogs and pets invading the personal space of their owners. Dogs can be seen sitting on laptops, chewing wires and disturbing and doing everything to get their owner’s attention. People can be seen struggling to keep their laptops intact as these lovable one causing troubles.

Dog Adjusts to Humans Working From Home:

This video shows a dog finding it hard to adjust to the new routine as people work from home. According to Dr Heidi Sutcliffe at Norwell Veterinary Hospital in Massachusetts, changes to our routines can be hard on pets.

Pets Not Letting Man Work:

The video is about two dogs, a German Shorthaired Pointer and  a Labrador Retriever’s daily routine as their humans work from home. They both can be seen sitting on a bed playing with balls. As they make noise, the man who is in a meeting ushers them out of the door, but they wait at the door, not before getting in without permission. It also shows them getting socks and tie for the man, probably thinking he is leaving for work.

Dog Pulling Man Working From Home to Play:

This is a funny video of a man trying to work while the dog simply does not let him. Every time he takes his hand to the keypad of the laptop, the dog takes it to himself. As it went viral, many people with pets said that they could relate to this man’s plight.

Cats Not Letting Man Work:

This video shows how cats simply don’t people their humans work. Instead, they want to be pet and gain all the attention.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day came into being in 1999 after Pet Sitters International (PSI) pitched the idea. It brings in whole new energy at the workplace and promotes better communication among your colleagues and boss. Isn’t that cool? This year on National Take Your Dog to Work Day let’s celebrate and thank the presence of dogs in our lives.

(The above story first appeared on LatestLY on Jun 24, 2020 06:30 PM IST. For more news and updates on politics, world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, log on to our website latestly.com).

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