Tech Q&A: Bitcoin, net neutrality, mounting TVs and more

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Bitcoin breakdown

Q: I keep hearing about Bitcoin. I don’t get it. Can you explain if it is a good investment?

A: The cryptocurrency has long fascinated investors and journalists, and provocative headlines about “blockchain” technology are causing mass hysteria. Many people are afraid even to ask: What is Bitcoin? Can anybody buy in? Doesn’t it have something to do with the Dark Web, and isn’t that sketchy? You may have heard that the average Bitcoin is now worth a phenomenal amount of money. My advice is to slow down, take a breath and know what you are getting into. Click here for answers to commonly asked Bitcoin questions.

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Watch my show

Q: I heard your radio show and really like it. How can I watch the show?

A: I’m flattered that you ask. You’ll be happy to know that there is a way to watch the show online. My background is in radio, of course, and I tailor the show to a listening audience. But having 10 cameras and videos to support the radio show adds a lot to the program. We take tremendous pride in our 24,000-square-foot facility in Phoenix. Our broadcasting setup adds a lot of personality that you wouldn’t necessarily get from only listening in. So if you’d like to see what the show looks like while we record, you can tune in (and see archived episodes too) on our Live from the Studio page. Click here to watch the show that’s not just a radio show anymore.


Mount your TV

Q: I got a new TV for Christmas. What is the best way to mount it?

A: There are many different types of wall mounts, which can accommodate TVs with a variety of sizes and weights. Before you run out and buy one, you should know the specs of your new TV as well as the structural makeup of your wall. You’ll want to measure everything, especially if you want a higher-quality mount that articulates, changing the angle of your screen. Once you’ve figured these out, you should be able to narrow down your search and find exactly what you’re looking for. Click here for the best TV wall mounts.


Weighing net neutrality

Q: This may be late, but what is your take on net neutrality? I am interested in your expert opinion.

A: The moment I log on to Facebook, I stumble into a vicious argument about net neutrality. Many people have strong opinions on this issue, but if you asked them to define the terms of net neutrality, they would mumble a bunch of nonsense. I don’t blame them, because this discussion is big and complicated. But it’s also easy to boil down into its most essential parts, and many people are surprised to learn what this story is actually about. Click here for my take on net neutrality.


Get noticed on search engines

Q: I sell homemade items online. What are the tricks to get Google to list my site on the first page of the search results?

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