The Steamiest New Year’s Eve Kisses You Can Have!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas (Image Credit: Instagram)

When the clock strikes midnight, you want to be a part of all the love and happiness going on around. But if you are single, looking at happy couples kiss and embrace each other can make you feel a little out of place. But irrespective of whether you are single or committed, chances of you going without kissing on New Year’s Eve are very slim. Here’s every kind of kiss you could expect on New Year’s Eve.


1. The New Flame Kiss

Taking your new date out for New Year’s Eve might make for the most exciting kiss you could possibly have. Since it’s both new and fresh, it is a little nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. So you can expect your shared cab to be making a stop that night. Types Of Kiss And What They Reveal About How Your Partner Feels For You

2. The Stranger Kiss

Your friends told you that you kissed someone on New Year’s Eve night, but you do not remember the details. You blacked out before it was 12 and you have no memory of which party you were at last. Don’t stress out, as this is totally normal. At least you did not roll over to find a new person on your bed the next morning.

3. The Long Term Boyfriend Kiss

Just like your relationship, kissing your long-term boyfriend is sweet, comfortable and a tad bit boring. But at least you will be happy knowing that you will turn around to someone you love for a kiss in a hall full of non-loved-up masses clutching champagne glasses. How to French Kiss? Step-By-Step Guide to Kiss like A Pro

4. The Random Kiss

It is 11:59 pm, people are counting down, and the fireworks are about to go off. Your lipstick is intact, and you do not have a partner, so what do you do? You get hold of the nearest hot stranger and pray that they do not have an equally hot girlfriend. You will probably end up following each other on Instagram and who knows, something more might be in store for the both of you.

5. The Drunken Kiss

When it’s New Year’s Eve, it is also not uncommon to find a drunk person who would literally kiss anything – male, female or a tree. You might just end up being the victim, so watch out for such peeps! Would You Kiss a Stranger For Picture? Woman Reveals She’s Done it at Eiffel Tower, Many Others Join In (Check Viral Twitter Thread)

6. The Married Kiss

So you have been married for five years, and you are barely awake for a kiss, but you kiss anyway. You are just so happy to be married to them that the way you kiss says it all!

7. The Awkward Kiss

Getting an unexpected kiss from your friend, your co-worker or your ex can be downright awkward and embarrassing. No matter the situation, this one can be the worst and will probably make you wonder why you even joined them at the party.

If they cannot get to your lips and lick the side of your face, grab your bottle of beer and get out of that place. You will save yourself from a horrible New Year’s Eve memory.

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