This Snack From Aamchi Mumbai Was Nigella Lawson’s Favourite Food In 2017


Nigella Lawson’s favourite food? The humble vada pav.

Celebrity chef and food writer Nigella Lawson is no stranger to delicious food. It comes as a pleasant surprise therefore that her favourite food in 2017 is a popular Indian snack. The ubiquitous vada pav, Mumbai’s favourite snack, is also the best thing the British chef ate this year. In an Instagram post shared 23 hours ago, Ms Lawson wrote: “Best thing I’ve eaten in 2017: the vada pav at Ladoo Samrat after the wonderful @nfpexplore Dawn Tour of Mumbai.” A picture of the delicious vada pav, shared by the 57-year-old chef, has garnered over 12,000 ‘likes’.

Ms Lawson completed her meal with other staple dishes of amchi Mumbai like sabudana khichdi and poha.

Read her post below:

Many on Instagram have responded in agreement with Ms Lawson, while a few have recommended other Indian dishes she could try.

“Vada pau and sabudane ki khichdi are my absolute faves, so glad you could enjoy it,” writes one commenter. “Omg… All my favorite foods… So glad you loved all of these,” says another.

On Facebook, where her post has been shared over a hundred times, she has earned herself many fans. “Feeling so glad you liked these Indian food !!!” writes one user. “This is Indian street comfort food! Bon appetite!” says another.

Ms Lawson continued her gastronomic exploration of India by posting, about five hours ago, a beautiful video from the Spice Market of Mumbai.

We’re looking forward to more such posts from her!


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