Viral Clip Of Monkey Eating Banana “Just Like Humans” Surprises Twitter

A video of a monkey pulling away at the stringy bits of a banana has amazed millions.

That monkeys and humans are similar in many ways is not a new or surprising fact. While chimpanzees are our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom, gorillas have been filmed walking on two legs like humans. However, one little-known behaviour trait of monkeys has left many surprised. A video going massively viral online shows a monkey carefully removing fibrous threads from a banana and has left millions marvelling at the similarity between humans and monkeys.

In the adorable video, a monkey can be seen sitting near a tree stump with her baby tumbling and crawling around her. The monkey is seen busy in the task of peeling and preparing a banana for eating by removing the “stringy bits” of the fruit – much like the way many humans do. She seems completely disgusted by the threads – carefully removing each one and even throwing them quickly away when a couple of them fall on her baby. 

“They don’t like the stringy bits on bananas either!” wrote a Twitter user while sharing the video on the microblogging platform, where it has gone viral. 

Since being posted on Twitter, the video has collected a whopping 12.4 million views and thousands of stunned comments. 

Several Twitter users remarked that the monkey was eating the banana just like humans do.

Others could not stop gushing over the part of the clip where the mother monkey picked the stringy bits of the banana off her baby. 

The video also made its way to Reddit, where it has garnered a hundreds of amazed reactions.

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