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Vishu 2020: From Pulissery to Payasam, List of Traditional Dishes in Sadhya Served on Hindu New Year in Kerala (Watch Videos)


Sadhya (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Vishu is a Hindu festival which is celebrated as the Malayalam New Year. While it is referred to as Vishu in Kerala, the occasion is observed in other parts of India in different names such as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Bihu in Assam and Baisakhi in Punjab. The most significant part of the Hindu New Year is the sighting of the Vishukkani during dawn that is believed to bring luck throughout the year. The second most significant part of the festival is the grand feast which comprises of a number of dishes. An array of traditional vegetarian dishes are usually served on a banana leaf called Sadhya on Vishu. Rice is the main staple food of the Sadhya; the dishes are either side dishes or had with the rice. And as Vishu approaches, we bring to the list of popular dishes prepared for the festival.

Erissery: This is made out of a mild mix of grated coconut mixed with pumpkin, garlic and green chillis. It’s tempered with a blend of mustard seeds, chillis and crisp curry leaves.

Pulissery: A side dish made with ash gourd or cucumber along with buttermilk, coconut and a blend of spices are added.

Watch Pulissery Recipe:

Pachadi: Coconut, curd and cucumbers are mixed and combined with spices. It is eaten with rice.

Sambhar: Sambhar is the most important dish of any Sadhya. It is made with tonnes of vegetables in it and tempered with spices.

Avial: A mix of vegetables, coconut and curd go into the making of this dish. Avial is among the most loved dishes by people.

Rasam: Rasam is made with a mix of tomatoes and tempered with a lot of Indian spices. It can be eaten alongside steamed rice or can be head as soup.

Watch Rasam Recipe:

Thoran: Thoran is a staple of every Malayali meal. It can be made from any cabbage, carrots, beans and more other vegetables.

IInjipuli: IInjipuli is made with a mix of ginger, tamarind and jaggery. There are different versions of it and it made according to one’s likes.

Parippu: Parippu is basically made of boiled green grams. It is tempered with mustard, curry leaves and grated coconut. It is served with clarified butter on rice.

Parippu Recipe:

These are some of the prominent dishes made on Sadhya. Other than these, Sharkara Varatti (banana fried in jaggery syrup), banana chips, small ripe bananas, pickle, papadam is also served on the banana leaf.  Sweet dishes are either served on the same dish or given on a bowl separately. They include Palada, Pradhaman or Semiya Payasam. Malayalis around the world celebrate the festival with grandeur. However, due to coronavirus lockdown celebrations have been cut short. We hope you celebrate the festival at home with family. We wish everyone celebrating ‘Happy Vishu’.

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