Visitor management systems to play major role for enterprises post COVID-19

New Delhi, June 25 (IANS) As a new normal makes its way into people’s lives and businesses with masks and enhanced hygiene measures being an integral part of the daily life, visitor management is going to be a major trend among enterprises in the coming days.

With this emerging need for visitor management, will emerge the requirement for services of visitor management companies which now expect a major pick-up in their business.

Noting that challenges also open new doors Nikhil Kothary, CEO, VAMS Global told IANS and the visitor management market would be a “must have” category in the near future.

“In the medium and long term, visitor traffic will climb back and our expectation is that the value of the visitor registration, authentication and check-in process covered by the visitor applications will be appreciated more. We see the Visitor Management market to move to a must have category in the near future,” he said.

Speaking about the company’s offerings, he said with its co-branded solution in the US now integrated with a temperature scanning and a mask compliance tablet for employees, visitors and contractors, the company has now decided to offer the same VAMS SafeGuard Tablet in India.

“This will help safeguard corporate offices, commercial buildings, residential buildings, manufacturing plants, hotels etc by ensuring that the entry to these premises is only for people who comply with the temperature and mask norms,a he said.

Additionally, the company has also incorporated a digital Aarogya Setu declaration form, making it easy for premises to collect and track the compliance as mandated by the government.

Similarly, Integration Wizards has created IRIS – AI, a computer vision platform that plugs into an existing CCTV network to identify people not wearing face masks, monitor adequate social distance being followed, and enable thermal screening.

IRIS-AI uses live camera feed to detect non-compliance and raises real-time alerts as sms, WhatsApp messages, email or announcement on a public announcements system as required. The solution also enables thermal screening at entry and exit point of premises, according to the company.

Kunal Kislay, CEO of Integration Wizards said: “COVID-19 carries a lot of stigma and prejudice because of its highly contagious nature. IRIS computer vision brings in equality by taking out bias from the scenario. The platform helps create amore humane workplace by identifying the non-compliance using live camera feeds, sending real-time alerts to the right authority so that immediate action can be taken.”

He noted that this takes away the need for manual monitoring that can turn one employee against the other. “Post lockdown, IRIS is ready to help enterprises adapt to the new normal,” Kislay said.

As India and the world emerge out of a lockdown, and businesses strive to go back to normal, these visitor management solutions are likely to play a major role in their day-to-day operations.



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