What is Photo Lab? Here’s how you can make your AI cartoon portrait

Another photo editing app is taking all over the internet that is keeping social media users engaged in the app as the Photo Lab brings a collection of filters which has hooked everyone on this platform. So you must be wondering what is this Photo Lab App, here we are with the answers.

What is Photo Lab?

The Photo Lab app is available on Android and iOS, the app has been on the platform for a long time but now it is trending, this app can be downloaded for free. This app comes with 850-plus filters and effects to choose from and according to Android Play Store it has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Once you download the app, you will see the feed has several filters to choose from. The feed is divided into trending, recent and top. If you want to stay tuned to what’s most popular and trending, click on trending and you will come across a selection of filters.

How to make your AI cartoon portrait?

  • Open the Photo Lab App
  • Click on AI cartoons tab.
  • Now give access to the app to your phone’s gallery
  • Now you can apply filters on the photos you want to create AI cartoon portrait
  • For more effects, click on ‘+’ sign below, right-hand side for more filter, animate features, texts and effects that you may want to add to your cartoon portrait.

Is Photo Lab safe?

A quick check on iOS reveals the company behind the app to be VicMan and on Android it’s Linerock Investments. Both these point to a website called Pho.to, which is supposed to have “10 years of experience” and “more than 160 million happy users all over the world”. A little bit of snooping around the web took us to vicman.net, which has a link to the website Pho.to. The couple of phone numbers on vicman.net point to Russia. But the authenticity of the website couldn’t be verified.

So far red flags haven’t been raised in way of privacy invasion. Having said that, one should think twice before allowing any app to take your pictures or have access to your gallery. Is the image being processed on your phone or on the company’s servers? If the image is being uploaded to the server, how long is it being kept? What about third-party access to your images? These are questions one must ask about all photo apps, not just this one.

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